Hand Fitting

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1. What are the health and safety requirements, and safe working practices and procedures required for the hand fitting activities undertaken?
Health and safety requirements, safe working practiced and procedures required for the hand fitting activities untaken include always wearing your personal protective equipment. You should only use equipment which you have had correct training on or on equipment which you being supervised using, you should always use the correct procedures when using this equipment. Before using any equipment you should know what to do in an emergency situation, and should know where they emergency stops are on all the machinery which you will be using, you should also know where and how to use the guards on these
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7. What care is required when using the equipment and tools?
Not respecting tools can leave tools in poor quality, example a file store correctly in wooden slot and protect teeth. 8. What is the proper way of storing tools and equipment between operations?
It is important to store tools appropriately so that the tools do not come to wear a tear and become tools of poor quality. Tools and equipment should be maintained properly and should be put back where they belong in order to maintain there good quality, for example when using a file, after the file has been used it should be put back in its wooden slot so that the teeth can be protected.

9. What various types of files are

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