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Proposal Essay Do you feel like you are doing enough to help the special needs community? A person with special needs is someone that may require extra assistance because they may struggle with physical, mental or medical issues ( Most people have heard of, or encountered someone in their lifetime that has special needs, but not many people will actually take time to research about it. “One out of every 10 children under the age of 14 has some type of special need, which includes any physical, cognitive, or medical disability, or chronic or life-threatening illness.” (Lin). Special needs is something you can find anywhere around the world. This is a worldwide problem and there is so much that can be done to help!…show more content…
The same applies to you, you will gain so much joy from experiencing something like this. You never know, you might also create a friendship with someone that you never thought you would! Many would choose to argue that those who have a certain mental illness or learning disability are not considered a special needs child. These people only consider those who may have physical abnormalities to be special needs. Because many think this way, they may not want to help the special needs community because they are afraid of it being “awkward”. “About 70 percent of babies prenatally diagnosed with Down Syndrome are aborted.” says Becker, Writer and mother of a daughter with Down Syndrome (Garrison). Many people choose not to be involved with special needs because they don’t want to be put in that situation or won’t know how to interact with them. So for those of you who are afraid to be involved with special needs because you are afraid or worried that it might be awkward, that doesn’t mean you should run from the situation. I suggest you do some research and look up some helpful tips that can help you be at ease when confronting someone with special needs. Every person with special needs is a gift and should be treated like so. Gene Rudd, president of the Christian Medical and Dental associations mentions “If we look at the statistics or surveys that come from families that have raised a Downs
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