Proposal For Parking Spaces : Harrisburg University

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Proposal for Parking
Harrisburg University

Shafath A Mohammed
ID: 156289

1. Abstract Harrisburg University is located in Downton of Harrisburg. University requires a modification in the parking lot. Harrisburg recognized the need for a comprehensive approach to planning for its campus parking, both as it relates to current campus activity and future campus programs the need for a plan for parking that reflected the goals of encouraging and enhancing a pedestrian campus, preserving the extraordinary heritage and landscape elements of the campus. The main purpose of the Campus Parking Plan is to document existing campus parking supply and demand for parking spaces as well as provide a recommendation for the number of parking spaces needed to serve the various college users and programs. Most of the university classes conduct on the weekends. Harrisburg university parking can be used on the weekdays for the public and on the daily average more than 2000+ visitors come to the Harrisburg Downtown and very few parking lots are available in the downtown area. Harrisburg can provide the competitive pricing for the short term and long term parking services to the public and can reserve the separate parking for the students of Harrisburg University. Harrisburg University can generate more finance if it creates additional space for the parking lot. Students and faculty can have the special access to the Harrisburg university parking lot, which is used on the weekends.

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