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When it comes to new medications being released there are a lot of steps that the companies have to go through in order for it to be ready for the food and drug administration to approve it. However, don’t be fooled not all drugs on the market are FDA approved rather they are prescription or over the counter. Through this paper I will be giving my opinions on this whole process and proven facts that go about with it. On the average, it took 34 months for the FDA to approve a new drug. Coming up with drug names and the process that goes with it. There are 3 names that are involved in the process when it comes to naming a drug. First you have a Chemical name which it describes its molecular structure and distinguishes it from other …show more content…

 Side effects or adverse events that can often be referred to as toxicity.  How it affects different groups of people (such as by race, gender, or ethnicity) differently.  How it interacts with other drugs and treatments.  Its effectiveness as compared with similar drugs. Once they are done with all the human and animal testing they go onto the drug manufacturing part of the drug where the FDA carefully monitors the generic and trade name manufactured by all the drug companies. Drug companies can have the same drug strength even if they are made by a different drug company but they must have the same active ingredient and administered the same way. Companies do have to be careful when it comes to inert ingredients as it can affect the therapeutic effect of some medications. The manufacturing part also involves making sure the medication is in a secure container so it is prevented from exposure to light and moister. Rather it was in a bottle, bubble packs, bags, etc. Drug marketing is when the manufactures of the medications are getting their drug out to the public. They can use several different forms at first it was only through advertising in medical journals, having people go visit doctor offices to offer them samples of their drugs to try on patients. If the drug worked after trial period the physician would then prescribe the

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