Pros And Cons Of A Child With Special Needs

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Prisoners with Special Needs

A child with special needs tend to inspire us to be more patient and grateful while a prisoner with special needs makes us wonder where the parents and inmate went wrong. The United States Corrections system is home to thousands of prisoners. The purpose of this paper is to explain how special needs, mentally ill, and substance-abusing prisoners affect the jail and prison systems at both state and federal levels. The effects of neglect towards these prisoners will be explained and possible consequences associated with the acts. Lastly, the pros and cons of prison programs for special needs inmates will be thoroughly explained.
Effects on the Jails and Prisons There are several different types of offenders in prison. Among the prison population are mentally ill prisoners, special needs offenders, and substance-abusing offenders. These special offenders affect the jail and prison systems at state and federal levels because they require more intensive or specialized services to be successfully reintegrated into society. If they do not receive special attention, they can harm themselves or others, or become sick from substance related illnesses. Mentally ill offenders must have access to psychiatric health, mental health therapies, psychotropic medications, and types of special offenders need to be separated from the rest of the prison population to prevent them from hurting other inmates. They also must be monitored at all times so they do not
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