Pros And Cons Of A Vegan And Vegetarian Diet

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If you have flesh out of the menu, then you are fed - the most common question is addressed to the supporters of this type of diet. Here's the answer.

The diet is changing for various reasons - for health, religion, spirituality, animal care ... Today, more and more people in the world adopt the vegan and vegetarian principles of nutrition because they want to preserve their health or express their views.

These two methods of feeding are often identified, and in spite of differences, the basics are common to them - there is no meat on the menu. There is plenty of evidence that the menu disposed of this food brings great benefits to the organism, but some scientists also warn of possible damage. Our advice is to consult with your nutritionist, …show more content…

Vegetarian diet

Vegetarianism is a less rigorous way of eating and means consuming foods of plant origin (cereals, legumes, fruits and vegetables) and possibly animal origin (milk, dairy products, eggs), but not animal meat.

Advantages and disadvantages

There is much evidence of the positive effects of vegetarian nutrition on the body, including a number of studies that show a significant reduction in the incidence of most diseases (including cardiovascular), many types of cancer, colds, diabetes, hypertension, and prolonged life expectancy and lower obesity .

Research has also shown that healthier vegetarians who consume exclusively food of plant origin than those who eat eggs and dairy products.

Although it is considered healthy, we can not help but mention that this type of diet can be harmful if the person is not moderate in food and drink, while using white flour and sugar products, industrial, canned and fried foods.

A well organized vegetarian diet can satisfy all the nutritional needs of the body, including the need for proteins and

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