Pros And Cons Of Banning The Box

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The United States of America ranks number one of the most populated prison country, with nearly sum million in some cases. This certainly explains an abysmal issue that the country is facing currently. Moreover, “Ex-felons” those served full sentence face discrimination and punishments known as “collateral consequences” that eventually follows for a long period of time upon their punishment ends. This article speculates the phenomenon of such an issue faced by an ex convicts throughout the country, and argues that collateral consequences should not be applied for every ex-felons, depending on their circumstances. Although, restrictions against those with previous criminal record vary depending on crime and states located, many are uncertain…show more content…
Whilst, a second alternative is to invest and create a job placement firm exclusively for those retuning into society upon serving full sentences. This article, therefore, reinforces the needs of better comprehensive approaches, Instead of a complete ban of such a box being discussed by officials.

Coping With The Downside of Ban The Box Joe Rotondo

Ban the box is a known campaign that aims to help ex-convicts or ex-felons to successfully be employed and moreover, to reintegrate back into the society by giving them with equal rights. The goal of this particular proposal is to reduce recidivism among ex-convicts, and to cut down its crime rates by doing so. However, the author believes that the impact of such legislations is not positive for many employers. This is due to the fact of employers being uncertain about ones criminal background at an initial stage of hiring someone new. Often time, ban the box pushed background checks towards the ending point of recruiting process, because signify costs will have been incurred when selecting potential
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