Pros And Cons Of Being A Natural Learner

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Is Being a Natural gifted better than being a fast learner ? Being a fast learner is better that a natural gifted because the naturally gifted can not be good at everything .Say you're naturally gifted at math but not at language.The fast learner does not know much about the lesson in either class it takes him/her 1 hour to study both and fully understand the lesson.While the Naturally gifted kid does not need to study math because he/she is good at it and he/she needs to study which takes them 3 hours to fully understand the topic.This could be the same case in sports the naturally gifted is a pro to soccer does not have to train or practice at all because it comes to him/her naturally .But the naturally gifted is garbage at basketball so it takes him/her half a year to learn the basics and do some advanced drills.While at the same time the fast learner watches some games of soccer then goes and tries them it takes him/her a 1 hour and they got down some tricks and learn how to play the game.The next day the fast learner goes and watches some basketball games goes outside repeats what he sees and he has now become a pro at basketball and soccer . Some of the pros and cons of being naturally gifted are .A pro of being a natural learner might be you have a really bright mind and you naturally can just do things .Those things might take other people a couple weeks or months to master or get good at . An example of this could be school say you're sitting in school and you

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