Pros And Cons Of Ceervical Cancer

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Beginning since 2012, U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) has reduced the frequency for Cervical Cancer Screenings, and begins to continue with reducing recommendation as described in Kaiser’s article “Prevention Experts Propose Easing Advice on Number of Cervical Cancer Screenings.” This reduction came in 2013, 11,955 women were diagnosed with Cervical Cancer (Fowler, Saraiya, Moskosky, Miller, Gable & Mautone-Smith, 2017). The determination of which testing, Pap Smear or HPV Co- Testing, is based on the patient education, and future desire of pregnancy. Predominantly most cervical cancers are due to the lack of screening (Andrews, 2017). A plan based on education and notification would be more beneficial than a continued over…show more content…
The education should range from not just patient, but to the community and community health volunteers, as noted that community health volunteers also lack education. The education level of our patient level should be improved, and this need to be brought at a younger level throughout both genders (Ochomo, Atieli, Gumo & Ouma, 2017). The World Health Organization recommends “achievement through a combination of various delivery strategies which could be health facility-based, outreach to community and/or schools, and campaigns. With our primary target being 9-14-year-old girls, prior to sexual activity, but not neglecting 15-year-old female and males from 9-14 (WHO report, 2017). Our strategy should be education should begin with the introduction of an HPV Vaccination through family practice and pediatricians. Then a full educational campaign should be engaged; this includes education our health care professionals, but also providing though sexual health education videos and teaching plan for middle and high school education systems. Also, Women described that they had not been properly educated on the purpose of cervical cytology (Williams, et al., 2017), Medical Providers need to take the time to educate the patient population on what a Cervical

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