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(1) Racial discrimination in USA
The Coca-Cola Company settle the racial discrimination case and agreed to pay $192.5 million which is the largest settlement ever in corporate racial discrimination case. The amount includes $113 million in cash, $43.5 million to adjust salaries, $36 million for oversight of the company’s employment practices (Bachman, 2000). Other than that, the company also pay $20 million for legal professional fees and donate $50 million to the Coca-Cola Foundation to support schools and churches attended by some of the black employees. The main four plaintiffs whose names are on the lawsuit, each of them will receive $300,000 and more than 2,000 current and former black employees of Coca-Cola will receive …show more content…

An apology cannot undo what has been done but it helps us to move past our anger and prevents us from being stuck in the past, while this is also the responsibility for Coca-Cola. (Beverly Engel, 2002).
(2) Human rights violation in Colombia
Although the Colombian Court found no evidence against Coca-Cola bottlers conspired to intimidate, threaten, or murdered workers and trade unionists, but the company strive as much as possible to maintain the stability of operations due to Colombia has experienced much internal conflict over the past several decades. They signed collective bargaining agreement, carried out investigation and independent assessment.
Coca-Cola bottlers have collective bargaining agreements in place covering wages, benefits and working conditions with 12 unions in Colombia. Through both collective bargaining agreements and their own initiative, Coca-Cola bottlers cooperate with unions and the government to provide emergency cell phones, transportation to and from work, secure housing, and a host of other measures to protect employees (The Coca-Cola Company, 2006). Coke have also established a 24-hour hotline for employees to confidentially report if they have any workplace concerns or …show more content…

First of all, Coca-Cola should make an official publicly apologies to all the victims who involved in this serious issues. Second, the victim’s medical fees should be paid by Coca-Cola Company because their injured was caused by their managers who are working under Coca-Cola. Besides that, victims are students who surely have no extra incomes for paying their huge amount of medical fees. Third, Coca-Cola should personally have an agreement based on company’s human rights policy with those labourers and agencies. Forth, Coca-Cola should convert all the part time workers into full time employees within a reasonable time frame. Lastly, Coca-Cola should provide a training sessions for all the new workers who first time work with Coca-Cola so that they are able to produce a high quality of drink and they can more familiar to Coca-Cola Company’s system before entering the job. Throughout these 5 solutions provided, Coca-Cola in China would be able to rebuild their reputation in the world. (“Coke’s Crimes In China,” n.d.,

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