Pros And Cons Of College Admissions

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When people start to look into colleges that they are interested in usually the first thing that they look for are the things that they must have to get into that school. Most of the time we eliminate college from our lists just from knowing the cost of going there. Most people can’t afford to get in without scholarships and don’t have the resources to obtain those scholarships. Another problem that many students have is a fear of tests, a lot of people taking the SAT’s and the ACT’s get too stressed out on tests and can’t focus, and with this they end up getting a score that doesn’t really reflect what they know. Many people just can’t focus when it comes to a test room setting even if they know the information on that test. On page one of this article it states that, “A new report released Wednesday and endorsed by more than 80 colleges and universities nationwide is recommending some stunning changes in the application process, including possibly making standardized testing optional or lessening its …show more content…

People from different backgrounds shouldn’t have less of a chance to get into good schools just because of where they come from. New reforms for admissions would not only benefit those with less opportunities but also students that can’t get in for sports or academics alone. Another problem that people have when they start to consider college is the idea that only the most elite schools are worth looking at when a smaller school or less well known school might be a better fit for what they want out of life. You should pick where you want to go off to college by how well it fits with what you want and need for yourself not what looks best on paper. No matter where you go you should be happy with it and go to do something that you are interested in instead of just going for a job that pays well or one that someone else pushed you

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