Pros And Cons Of College Essay

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As pounded in our heads by teachers and adults, after high school the best idea is to go to college. This may not be the case for everyone. There are many pros and cons for college. College is not for everyone, and I believe students should have the freedom to choose the path they take. For people who desire to acquire a well paying job, a degree may be required. Most data points that the fastest growing job categories require at least a college degree. Getting a degree can be as simple as going for 2 years or even 6. Getting a college degree will draw employers attention and gain respect. Some people who have a degree may get paid more at their job than others who do not. Expanding your knowledge is important as there is always more to learn. In my opinion, college is the best idea for any age student. When planning your future, you can decide between a two-year community college or a four-year university. You can base your decision depending on your career field or job you want to pursue. Some jobs may not even require a degree, in which college is unnecessary. Some jobs may only require an associate's degree, so why waste your money at a university. Some may say that the experience at a four-year university is critical to growing up. Mr. Perlstein states, "the college experience- a rite of passage as it was meant to be- must have come to an end." Rick Perlstein believes that the four-year experience is meaningful. At a four-year, you may experience more diversity, and

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