Pros And Cons Of Corporal Punishment

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Corporal punishment is a type of physical punishment that has been allowed in 19 states to be used as a way of discipline for misbehaving children. This physical punishment is mostly relating to spanking or paddling. A policy that legal near the south at most. [a] These days, corporal punishment should be used today because kids need to know obedience and should use this punishment as a way to wake them up[b]. Corporal punishment should be allowed because it is a lasting punishment, is able to to shape bad students, [c]and can permanently affect students as they grow in the future.
Other punishments aren’t as long-lasting.[d] For example, being suspended is like a vacation, students don’t learn anything. Being expelled offers students a longer vacation as they don’t need to go to school and just think about what they have done.[e] This has teachers waiting to keep them caught up as they finally come back from their suspension. In the article, “Corporal Punishment Persists in U.S. Schools” it states, “When students receive out of school suspension, they miss out on instruction time, and they teacher is not obligated in any way to help that student catch up,” This quote represents how tedious it will be and how ineffective having these suspensions and being expelled can bring. On the other hand, paddling brings a real threat to the students as it is something long-lasting and can permanently sting you in the future. It [f]demonstrates why students should do what they’re told

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