Pros And Cons Of Gene Editing

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Gene editing is a process where DNA is altered so the organism or something given from the organism has a more desirable trait than the original DNA had to offer. This process has been used to complete many tasks, and many more completable tasks could be found in the near future. But the idea of gene editing has created an argument about its use. Many believe that gene editing is useful and doesn’t have any issues while others believe gene editing could be harmful to the human population and that it shouldn’t be used. This argument shows that there are pros and cons of using this process. Safety, diseases, and de-extinction are all related to the large topic of gene editing and each have positives and negatives to support the arguments occurring …show more content…

De-extinction is a process where a previously extinct species or a species with a major endangerment problem is brought back to the world. At the moment, scientists are working to bring back the passenger pigeon, which was a common species a century ago. While some say believe extinct animals should stay extinct, others believe de-extinction should be done. One species called the bucardo, a type of goat, was brought back to life for seven minutes, which has been a promising sign for those working to bring other species back, as it showed that de-extinction can be done, therefore gene editing can be a positive when it comes to de-extinction. Diseases are something that we all fear to have. Many life changing diseases exist that may one day be in you. CRISPR, as stated previously, has potential. Curing or at least helping to eliminate diseases can be possible with CRISPR. By editing human embryos or the cause of the disease, major diseases may have the potential to be wiped off the Earth in the future, a major positive. To conclude, gene-editing is a widely spread topic that has both positives and negatives, therefore causing large arguments to occur within the global population. With no end in sight, the argument continues. Will gene-editing take over our human culture, or will it help to improve it? Only time will tell, as scientists continue to work with the possibly dangerous

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