Pros And Cons Of Journalism As An Art And Profession

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“Congress win Gurdaspur by 1.93 Votes”. This is today’s Indian Express front page Headline. What this sentence makes you think? Is it affecting you in some way or not? If you think for a couple of seconds on this, you will find that it affects you in many ways. Another Headline reads “Gorakhpur In Maharashtra, Hospitals Count Infant Deaths”, Why this story is important to you? What is the purpose of all these things? What importance does this kind of writings have in a country? Who writes all this? What exactly is this? If you don’t understand this, you must recall the famous quote of the British Politician who once said, “Press is the fourth-estate of Democracy.” You might have got a hint that the article is focusing on Journalism. Check the several aspects you should know if you are considering Journalism as a career option. Check Delhi School of Journalism Admission process.…show more content…
Journalism as an art and craft and profession is a 200 years old practice. It is basically a form of communication. It is about the distribution of News (events) in the form of verbal or non-verbal communication. The person who does journalism is called a Journalist. A journalist collects newsworthy events analyzes it and prepare a report which is circulated in the society via many channels such as radio, television, internet and most important newspaper etc. These events are collected to make an impact on the society to at least some degree.

Career In Journalism

Today the field of Journalism is expanding rapidly. Those who are considering Journalism as a career option, in addition to traditional platforms like print and broadcast journalism, have scope in new media also. Candidates can choose a career in any of the following Journalism Platforms:

Print Journalism
Broadcast Journalism
Photo Journalism
Public Relations
New Media or Web Journalism
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