Pros And Cons Of Nuclear Medicine

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Nuclear Medicine: Should We Stop Using It?
When talking about the topic of nuclear medicine, people tend to bicker about whether we should keep using nuclear in our medication or not. Many people are very happy and satisfied with its pros, benefits, and advantages, probably from bias, but many are also against it, again, probably from bias. We should continue to keep using nuclear medicine because it has overall been effective in treating our diseases. Without the technology to treat people today, there would be a lot of casualties. It has been successful in discovering abnormal lesions, certain dysfunctional organs, if the heart pumping blood sufficiently, if the brain is receiving an appropriate supply of blood, if the brain cells are functioning
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It is the physician’s job to carefully figure out how much radiation can be of contact to their patient without any harm or damage done. Comparing the radiation risks to the potential benefits, it is definitely worth taking because the radiation risks are so low that it is irrelative. Besides, people get their radiation through mostly of natural background like the earth and then sun itself. They receive radiation exposure mostly from natural background than by medical procedure. There is no direct evidence that radiation from medical procedures themselves have lead to unwanted health issues, including cancer. Every exposure to radiation, even from the sun, carries some small risks of unwanted health risks, including cancer, no matter how small. An obvious disadvantage to the eye for chemotherapy is the hair loss. That itself has impacted a person’s self-esteem. Not everybody knows this but not all chemotherapeutic drugs or procedures cause this. It is believed and known by most that some of them cause it. The hair loss is not permanent. They start to grow once after the completion of the treatment. But the hair starts to grow in different textures and color after that. Nuclear medicine is chosen because people do not have to worry about irrelevant problems like…show more content…
Seidlin reported on the success of radioactive iodine (I-131) in treating a patient with advanced thyroid cancer. Later, the use of I-131 was expanded to applications such as thyroid gland imaging, hyperthyroidism treatment and quantification of thyroid function. By the 1950s, the clinical use of nuclear medicine had become widespread as researchers increased their understanding of detecting radioactivity and using radionuclides to monitor biochemical processes.” (Dr. Ananya Mandal, MD) With this information, we know that nuclear medicine is successful with multiple cases of diseases. Our technology today has improved on how treatments can be done. Nuclear medicine has improved from the time being. If treating a disease with nuclear medicine back then had been successful, imagine all of the success stories of everyone today who has had the chance of using nuclear medicine. Nowadays, the science and technology has developed so much that it is easy to cure any type of disease when proper guidance is given. If the technology is used properly, the side effects can be reversed. Today, we can easily figure out a way to reverse the effects of what we did to ourselves with all of the equipment, tools, and technology that people
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