Pros And Cons Of Self-Driving Cars

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The two main problems regarding the new technology of self-driving cars is major safety and legal issues. For instance, according to the article PRO/CON: Self-driving cars could take over the road in the near future article, "the technology used in those cars creates serious safety problems." The article states that the technology used in self-driving cars is not safe and huge improvements must be made before they can safety handle streets. According to the article, self-driving cars can only rely on pre-programmed information about routes. Therefore, if something unexpected, such as a short-term stop sign was put on the road, the self-driving car will not obey it. When it comes to trash like paper garbage on the road, the self-driving car…show more content…
Less congested and polluted roads is another promised benefits. It is important for people to understand the promised safety benefits because they deserve to know that they will be safe as the technology is being developed and deployed. Furthermore, legal issues regarding regulation roadblocks and legal responsibility is another main problem. In the article, Government paves the way for self-driving cars, the article implies that, "The development of driverless vehicles would also mean more state and federal regulation." Self-drive cars is completely different than a regular car, therefore, there would be new rules covering the use of the new technology car. Because regulators are known to be extremely cautious, regulations such as how, when, and where the driverless cars can be used will most likely slow down the spread of the driverless cars. Moreover, if a crash ever occurs, it will raise legal issues and responsibilities for either the passenger, the carmaker, or the designer of the technology system. This can become an extremely complicated issue and can take many years and numerous lawyers to figure
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