Pros And Cons Of Standardized Testing

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In today’s society, it can be observed that education has shifted drastically from the time schools were founded to now. Throughout history, schools have gone from private schools where only the elite can attend to public schools where virtually anyone can attend. One of the factors that goes along with this shift in education is standardized testing. Standardized testing is constantly being debated and with this, it is seen that this concept has many flaws. When standardized testing was first established, governments began to implement them in high schools throughout the U.S. to show the growth curve of a student’s education, and as this occurred, the weight of their scores began to matter increasingly. Flash forward to nearly 8 decades later, where standardized tests are found in schools throughout the world. As more of these tests have been implemented in elementary, middle, and high schools, the stakes for these tests have become higher. As a result, students are becoming more stressed out. Standardized tests have become more than just a measurement of knowledge. They are now a measurement of success and if you don’t score well on these tests, then good luck finding a job. You might as well just start working at McDonald’s now. But what is the goal of these tests? Are we trying to make students compete with one another to see who gets the higher score? Or are we preparing them for life outside of school? These tests seem to show no out of school value except to find the

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