Pros And Cons Of Sui Generis

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The National University of “Kyiv Mohyla Academy”
EU political system
MA “German and European studies” Lecturer: Dr. André Härtel
Viktoriia Khomenko
Why is a EU political system “sui generis”?
The XX century was very revolutionary. There were not only two World Wars but the establishment of different organizations that have been contributing to the political, economic and social life of different states. Such organizations like NATO and UN integrated countries. But the most successful “project” is the creation of the European Union. But what is actually the European Union? Why its political system is called “sui generis”?
What is “sui generis”?
According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, “sui generis” is an adjective that means constituting
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Then the Council shapes its position by QMV (qualified majority voting). According to the report of Martina Schonard 05/2017 “In the fields of social security and police and judicial cooperation in criminal matters, the proposal can be submitted to the European
Council at the request of one Member State (Articles 48 and 82 TFEU), and this suspends the ordinary legislative procedure until the European Council reassigns the matter to the Council (at the latest after four months)”. If the Parliament’s issue is approved by the Council, the act is adopted. If the Council doesn’t agree on the Parliament’s opinion, it gives the Parliament three month to make a decision, which may approve the proposal as amended by the Council, or have no decision, reject the Council’s position, and adopt amendments to the Council’s position by an absolute majority. In the second reading, if the Council approves all of Parliament’s amendments, the act is adopted. If it is not, the
Conciliation Committee is gathered within six weeks. If the Conciliation Committee doesn’t meet any agreement, the procedure of the act’s adoption is stopped.
To draw the conclusion, one can say that supranational elements are shown in the organization
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