Pros And Cons Of Television On TV

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According to Juliet Schor, TV has been considered as a promoter of consumerism or TV is a popular alternative way to costing a lot of spending such as concerts, restaurants, and shopping. Therefore, the more TV a person watches, the more he/she will spend. In other words, what we see on TV every day inflates our sense of what’s normal or what’s not, and what we should be buying just to look like the lifestyle in TV. Ironically, the lifestyle depicted on TV are far different from the typically Americans’ lifestyle, because those characters in the TV are upper-middle class with glamorous clothing or even the rich people. Besides, watching a lot of TV leads to a significant increase in crime rate. The most important crime is larceny. Because by watching those products on TV made people who didn’t have that want to have and led to steal them. Likewise, by watching the TV, people have imbedded themselves in the unbearable lifestyle, which is filled with tennis courts, private planes, swimming pool, private cinema, private gym and separated vacation homes. By seeing these things, people start to feel the need to spend more than what they should, and care less about the consequences they’re about to face.
The role of luxury good advertisements does create many significant problems. Those ads such as cars, diamonds, perfume, dresses, and other expensive items have placed a wrong image in people’s mind. It affects us by showing us the real information about those items, but in a
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