Hennesy Advertising

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There are two well-known and prestigious brands of liquor that routinely create new and innovative advertisement that promote and persuade the audience to purchase and consume their product. Hennessy Cognac and Cîroc vodka are two completely different types of liquor; in spite of the fact, both companies use parallel advertising tactics in their lucrative marketing campaign. As the prevalence of alcohol use increases, so must the ingenuity when creating advertisement for alcoholic beverages. Both Hennessy and Cîroc sellers did a remarkable job promoting their product by utilizing similar advertising methods: sex appeal, celebrity appearances, accurate assumptions of their audiences, and selling an illustrious lifestyle to accompany the beverage. By Incorporating these methods the creators are able to tap into the audience’s self-conscience and influence viewers to purchase and consume the product being sold. …show more content…

The commercials producers successfully capitalized on societies yearning to live a lavish and prominent lifestyle. The advertisement plants a growing seed inside the audience’s head that drinking Hennessy is an assure way to access a life of social elegance as well bump elbows the beautiful and wealthy. Possessing the skill and knowledge use a controversial substance and responsibly glorifying the drink is an exemplary method on how to market an ad. The Hennessy Cognac commercial is swarming with high-end materials: expensive cars, glistening jewelry, and designer clothing. It is understandable that society gets captured in the belief that Hennessy is the missing variable in the pursuit to live a life of luxury. Comprehending the dynamics behind marketing is a crucial skill when it comes to successful advertisement. Realizing the importance of selling a product that opens the doors to an iconic lifestyle is tremendous

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