Pros And Cons Of The American Constitution

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The American Constitution, is a document that was drafted in July of 1787 to replace The Articles of Confederation. The Constitution created a national government and established major laws to benefit America. Along with these impressive actions, our Founding Fathers made sure this document contained the ability for each individual citizen of America to have basic guaranteed rights. This should stand for all citizens, not only those who are natural-born. The Constitution, leaving out equal opportunity and equal rights to those not born in America, essentially makes the document unfitting for our current government and society. The Constitution has been amended and ratified twenty-seven times. For our country's current situation and diverse population, it is important that a Twenty-Eighth Amendment be put into place to give all citizens, natural born or not, all basic rights.
Although, this amendment does not directly benefit myself, I intend to amend Article 2 Section 1 of The Constitution for the rights of my fellow Americans. This article states: that anyone born “beyond the seas” is not eligible to run for presidency unless both his birth parents are citizens of the United States. I believe this unfair and unfit article should be amended to give any citizen living in the country for a minimum of 30 years- even if the individual was born in and lived in another country. Article 2, Section 1 of the Constitution is states: “No person except a natural born

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