Pros And Cons Of The Canadian Magazine Dispute

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Surely, Canadian magazine dispute was motivated by genuine desires to protect Canadian culture. In fact, I heard about several similar occasions of government protection of the culture of a nation. In those cases, it was not the magazines, but movies and tv shows, because they have a greater impact on the culture. So, it is usual for governments to try to protect their culture by reducing an influence of others. I believe that Canada had the same intentions. They wanted to preserve an own culture and were afraid of greater "Americanization" of the country. At the same time, culture protection clearly was not the only reason in Canadian magazine dispute.

Equally important reason was government wish to protect its market, because of the financial interests of the Canadian magazine industry. Support of local producers is a usual practice in the world. For example, South Korea's economic
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I am sure that it is the best way to protect local producers. I would make only two requirements for a magazine that wants to be considered as a local - magazine should be print in Canada and have not more than fifty percents of advertisings of products, which are produced not in Canada. Albeit my approach would give a pass to some part of split-runners, so culture would be still under pressure, I believe that positive outcomes would strongly prevail. As a result, a share of Canadian magazines would rise, and that would give additional protection for Canadian culture. Additionally, advertisings of local products would contribute to the economy of Canada, and that would benefit to all Canadians. I definitely do not want to add more severe criteria, like editorial staff or writers should be based in Canada, because tracking of those may be much more costly than given economic and cultural
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