Pros And Cons Of The Supermax Prison

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The United States and Norway have very different philosophies when it comes to the purpose of correctional facilities. Prisons in the United States focus on punishing the offenders for their crime. However, Norwegian prisons focus on rehabilitation. There are pros and cons to both the American and Norwegian maximum-security prisons. The Supermax prison in the United States, often referred to as the ADX, has many positive attributes. One is that the ADX makes inmates afraid to reoffend. The New York Times wrote a story in 2015 about a former ADX inmate, Rodney Jones. Jones has been out of prison for three years, a personal record. The reason he stays out of prison now is that he is “determined not to return to the place where he spent the final eight years of his last sentence:” the ADX (Binelli). Isolation at the ADX make inmates like Jones never want to go back to prison (Binelli). Also, the ADX stops dangerous prisoners from being able to escape or attack prison guards. The prison itself was built “after the murder of two prison officers at a high security prison,” so that the prisoner could be controlled (Watson). According to a Daily Mail article, uncontrollable prisoners who attack guards or escape are sent here to be controlled (Watson). The ADX keeps at least some offenders from wanting to reoffend, and it also stops uncontrollable prisoners from harming anyone else. Even though the ADX does have some positive purposes for society, it does harbor some concerns

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