Pros And Cons Of The United States Prison System

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The United States prison system has undoubtedly changed over the last several decades. One of the more significant changes has been the increasing use of private prison facilities to hold American inmates. There are several problems associated with this including, misaligned incentives of the private companies, leading to poor conditions, and prison labor issues. Although there are problems with the private prison industry, they are not irreversible. There are solutions that can and should be considered to ensure that private companies are not exploiting the people they are contracted to hold. Abolition and regulation are certainly plausible options to reforming the private prison industry. At the end of the day, reforming the prison-industrial complex altogether is incredibly important, as there are human beings behind those cell walls. It may not be plausible to reform the entire system all together at once. Rather, we should start with reforms to one portion of the system, in this case the private prison industry, in order to improve the system as a whole.
The number of people in the carceral system is an astounding problem in and of itself. The United States holds more inmates than any other place in the world. The American prison population is continually increasing by 50,000 to 80,000 a year. Much of the large number of people in prison can be largely attributed to the people who have committed nonviolent offenses. Big money has corrupted this massive system,

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