Pros And Disadvantages Of E-Commerce: Advantages And Cons

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Computers have come a long way since the first one was invented in 1900"s. we currently live in a society where people can do everything with the help of internet. internet helps us to find answers of our questions and also it gives other information that we need to know at a faster rate , this also entertain us in our daily lives for example we can listen songs, watch movies and many other things. It tells us about the upcoming trend and now a days many people also shop through e-commerce.

E commerce is also known as electronic commerce or E trade. Electric commerce or e commerce is the trade of a products or services by using internet or other computer networks. E commerce is where buyers and sellers come together to swap the commodities for money. They do not trade by shopping stores or through email or telephone operators. In e commerce buyer and …show more content…

It is briskly expanding day by day, there are many pros and cons of E commerce, some of them are

Low Finance Cost
Firstly the very good advantage is that it does not take a huge amount of investment, it has a lower startup cost. normally retail business has to pay thousands to rent one of the store location and also they have to pay other charges as well for example employees, peon , maintenance charges they also have to renovate their shops in a way that attract the customers and they may also need a security staff depending on the product value that is kept in the store.
However, e commerce business has only pay for the marketing and employees which depends on the business, you may only need to hire employees when you grow in a certain level. the more your business share increase the more business will be valued. your store logo is much cheaper than your store sign and the business expenses are much lower in E commerce business.


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