Pros And Disadvantages Of Subjective Video Quality Assessment

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Subjective Video Quality Assessment for QoE
Student Number: 17091447g
Student Name: ZHENG Yuan
The video quality evaluation was put forward to the birth of video technology, it is performed to evaluate the quality of a set of video sequences under study. Video quality can be evaluated by objective video quality and subjective video quality, the objective video quality can be evaluated by some parameters of objective video quality classified from the original signal and the received signal, but we cannot judge the video is good or not, just from some objective parameters. Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate the subjective video quality at some standardized testing methods. That is what the essay concern, so I will introduce how …show more content…

However, the impairments that are easily detected by direct differential methods.

The SSCQE is also a family of single stimulus like ACR and ACR-HR. The methods selected a longer test video sequence which should last at least five minutes, and the audiences continue to score the observation video sequence. In the end, the staff can get a series of scoring statistics, the score not only consider the value of the score, but also consider the scoring time.

This test method have a better performance in video quality with time-varying compression system, in other word, it gives an entire assessment for a longer video sequence.

However, the test video sequence is very long, it results in a problem of the test method that it will not have reference during the test, thus we cannot remove the impact of scene bias, audiences’ feeling and so on, besides we cannot compare the scores from different SSCQE test experiments for the same reason, so the result of SSCQE is independently. In addition, the selected test video sequence may make a huge effect to the final result. Therefore, how to select a comfortable test video sequence becomes a serious

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