Pros And Disadvantages Of The NHS

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NHS 1. The NHS is one of the best health services in the world however due to the service being free for anyone in the UK to use this takes up a lot of resources, which costs the government millions a year. The reason why some types of services/medicines the NHS can’t provide is because they are either too expensive or they are in short supply therefore you would have to look elsewhere beyond the UK. As shown in the online article from the independent where one life saving drug has had its price shoot up over 5,000 per cent. (Independent) This outrageous price increase would make it nearly impossible for the NHS to keep being as it is already being run on a budget. The reason for this is because the NHS runs of the tax payer’s money and to provide the costlier services that they can’t, the government would have to raise the tax people pay. This would be extremely unpopular as people already believe they pay enough tax, plus have a massive effect on the economy as people would have less money to spend therefore less money to boost the economy. Another way that the NHS could provide certain expensive services/medicines is through borrowing money and as the UK is already in debt this would be bad for the economy. This would give the UK less money to spend in other vital areas, so instead the NHS stick with the minimum charge of 8.60 as it is affordable even though
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