Pros and Cons of American Individualism: What Is the Ideal American Citizen?

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What is American Individualism? Do we really know? Explaining individualism may seem impossible considering it relies solely on your opinion of the topic itself. Individualism and collectivism are two key points in our society. Are we individuals by having our own body, own mind and own life, or are we simply individuals that surround ourselves around individuals as a group? To everyone there are pros and cons to both and everyone has their own opinion of what makes up the “ideal” American citizen, and what they see themselves as. To most people individualism is great. It’s one of the greatest qualities a person can have. Being true to themselves, dominate and being exactly what they are, an individual. Many people have to face the…show more content…
He takes it to new height trying to be as one without his loved ones. He struggles but sticks to his belief as being an individual because thats what got him to what we know him as today. Many people might say there aren’t any cons of individualism, but sometimes there may be. While being on your own you might start to look at things as a struggle, like making money might start to seem more difficult, finding emotional fulfillment becomes hard within just yourself, and a purpose or meaning can be found but it’s not as natural as if you would have another person, and then making you a collectivist. Collectivism is any political, economic, or social standpoint that is the opposite of individualism of every person in a group. The priority is to make set goals within a group rather than just as an individual. Collectivism usually seems easier because you’re working together for a common goal within the people you are with. You are able to solve more problems being a collectivist with having more brains than one. If you are a family kind of person then you are a collectivist because family is a group, so when they say family is over everything are you still considered an individualist because you practice individualism or collectivist because you are one with your family? I think most people are both in particular situations. America is said to be the greatest country in the world because of its citizens and the values they live
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