Pros and Cons of Packet and Circuit Switching.

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Question: What is Circuit and Packet Switching? Also Write Pros and Cons of Packet & Circuit Switching. Answer: Circuit Switching: Circuit switching was the first early era technique used in communication networks because it is quite simple, easy and enough to carry analog signals. The main example of its use in the telephone system, but it is also used in the core network and the core of the internet in the form of SONET/SDH. In circuit switching, the transmission medium is mostly divided into the channels using the FDM(Frequency Division Multiplexing), CDM (code division Multiplexing) or Time division Multiplexing. A circuit is established the carry the information from source to the destination. The signaling method is used to create a circuit. This signaling method only carries and control the information, and considering the overhead. Overhead is the most important part in the circuit switching. It is assumed that the signaling and per-circuit state manage to make the circuit switches are very difficult and hard to design, operate and the configuration also. Circuit switching brings a direct physical connection between two nodes such as telephones or computers. In order to create the direct connection by the many links it is necessary that each link or node to be simultaneously free at all. Thus the average utilization of the all resources of the nodes must be low if Evaluation of Telecommunication Switching systems the probability of demand for connection is

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