Protein Structure And The Protein Structures

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Stephanie Ahlemeyer
Dr. Hudson
Bio 2240
Protein Essay
18 September 2015
Alcohol Dehydrogenase
Proteins are the main building blocks that cells are assembled from and they make up most of the cell’s dry mass. They contain important elements such as oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and amino acids. Proteins also help provide the cell with shape and structure. There are some proteins, which are embedded in the plasma membrane, and they form channels and pumps. These channels and pumps control the passage of nutrients and small molecules in and out of the cell. In addition, some proteins send important messages to other cells or are signal indicators. The proteins that are embedded in the plasma membrane act as motors …show more content…

The protein Alcohol Dehydrogenase can be found in our stomach and in our liver. In addition, it can assist in generation of aldehydes and ketones. According to the article, How Alcohol is Metabolized in the Human Body,
Alcohol dehydrogenase is the workhorse of the alcohol enzymes. --it breaks down the majority of the alcohol that enters the human body. Alcohol dehydrogenase is actually the name for a family of enzymes which break down alcohol--each of which has a slightly different molecular structure. Researchers have identified as many as 10 varieties of the alcohol dehydrogenase molecule.
All of them bring about the same chemical reaction--the difference is that some varieties of alcohol dehydrogenase work more efficiently than others. As we shall see below, these variations in the alcohol dehydrogenase molecule can explain why some individuals react differently to alcohol than others.
Based off this quote, alcohol dehydrogenase is an enzyme. An enzyme is a protein that catalyzes chemical reactions. In addition, alcohol dehydrogenase often referred to as AdhD, can be found in all organisms. Adhd can be used in food, pharmaceutical, and fine chemical industries for the productions of aldehydes, ketones, and chiral alcohols. (Machielsen et al., 2006). Alcohol dehydrogenase is made up of 3 main components, Zinc, Ethanol, and NAD. According to the article, Alcohol Dehydrogenase,
Alcohol dehydrogenase uses

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