Providence College Reflection

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Providence College is home to over 4,000 undergraduates who hope to pursue a higher education that will prepare students for life after college. Through experiences inside and outside of the classroom, Providence College has been trying to provide the best overall experience to achieve well-rounded people upon graduation. In efforts for students to grow socially, emotionally and intellectually, Providence College challenges you to translate this growth into action, habit and purpose. As I am about to go into my last semester here at Providence, I reflect upon past and current issues involving diversity and racial-discrimination policies and regulations imposed by the college to see how far the school has come since I began here in the fall of 2014. Providence College has been repeatedly ranked one of the top colleges that have the most homogenous (White) student population in the country by Princeton Review. This has been ongoing for the past couple of decades and has put Providence Colleges’ goal to achieve a diverse student body in danger as they are stereotyped as a predominately white, preppy, rich kid school. This past August, The Princeton Review’s 26th Annual College Rankings, were released to the public. Out of the 382 schools accounted for in the survey, Providence college was ranked first for, “Having little race/class interaction” (Princeton Review). This may be viewed as shocking news to some, but to Jim Vincent, who is the President of the NAACP Providence
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