Providence Health Care Was Established By Sisters Of St.

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Providence Health Care was established by Sisters of St. Joseph’s in 1857 in Toronto with the motto to look after the needs of poor, ill, homeless and physically incompetent people. Josie Walsh was appointed as its President and Chief Executive Officer. The article illustrates how the value based leadership has driven change and innovation for the future and betterment of an organization. Josie Walsh, joined Providence as Vice-President and Chief Nurse Executive in 2001. She held a Master’s degree in Health Administration and was experienced extensively in health care field. She is endowed with qualities such as compassionate care, dynamic partnerships, high accountability and trust which were essential in enabling change and innovation…show more content…
The main aim was perfect quality, high staff engagement and satisfaction, exceptional patient care and productive partnerships. TbyD began by committing to widely communicated set of principles and these principles became the context and compass for the project. Walsh also concentrated on collaborating with various acute care hospitals which was a key in improving patient flow and care. Strong nature of being accountable and her ability to build trust were of prime importance in transforming Providence Healthcare. Many organizations were really poor at communicating their visions for change, whereas, clear and consistent leadership communication is best practice for managing change. Beth Johnson, chief communication officer worked with Walsh and supported her in communicating face to face very often. Later on, Providence was widely recognized for its transformation and inbuilt efforts of Walsh. Her leadership character had helped her drive change and innovation. Q2 Organizational culture and leadership are linked in the process of change (Schein, 1986). Leaders are not born, but developed. For an organization to develop, leader of an organization should be perfect in all aspects. If the leader of an organization is incongruous, then the organization will see a downfall, because leaders and the employees are like mirror; whatever the leader does the employees will follow it. It effects all the employees, they don’t get proper training and they also

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