Consolidated Life Case Study

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ORGANISATIONAL BEHAVIOUR ASSIGNMENT: 2 Name: Tarunpreet Singh Student Id no: 0061027121 Course code: MGT5000 Email: MGT5000 Management and Organisational Behaviour: Assignment 2 Task 1.1 (553) Leadership does not have one universally accepted definition; it is according me an ever-evolving concept. I firmly believe that even though individuals can be groomed and trained to be leaders, however some leaders could motivate and influence individuals around them more effectively/easily then others and direct an organization into a coherent and cohesive way in order to accomplish objectives and targets. This exact school of thought is actually a common thread or an existing element in various theories and…show more content…
They employees follow the leaders instruction assuming that the outcome will be positive and for the betterment of the employee (Rao, 2010). | Coercive Power | When leader use his power to punish or penalise his subordinate to control their behaviour it is known as coercive power. Such power is based on the extent to which a leader can punish in order to control his subordinate. This power varies from one leader to another (Wood et al, 2010). | Referent Power | Referent power is an influence of a leader’s characteristic or charisma on his/her followers, which could develop respect and trust for the leader. Leader with referent power can easily motivate his follower (Rao, 2010). | Legitimate Power | The leader’s authority to issue orders which the subordinates are obligated to accept. The legitimate power increases with an increase in one’s position in an organization (Wood et al, 2010). | Expert Power | The power based on in depth knowledge and skill of a leader, Which the leader can use to influence his /her followers, is kwon as expert power (Rao, 2010). | In the case Consolidated Life, Mike and Jack used different set of powers to motivate their employees to be productive and reduce errors in the process. Mike used referent power and reward power to motivate and elevate the morale of his team members. His team was highly trained and most efficient unit in that division. His charisma had
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