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Psoriasis is a type of noncontagious chronic dermatitis. The types of individuals that can be at risk for psoriasis has a mixture of genetic predisposition and types of environmental factors, individuals with immune regulation defects are most likely to obtain this condition; Most causes for psoriasis is unknown by doctors. Whithin this condition there is several different forms of psoriasis including; Guttate psoriasis- This type is most common in young children and individuals under 30, the characteristics of this condition appears as water drop sore that can be located on the trunk, legs, arms and scalp; these are viewed as fine scales.
Inverse psoriasis- This is a type of psoriasis that creates patches of red inflamed dermatitis, this …show more content…

All of the treatments for this condition are meant to

clear the skin up and reduce the inflammation it causes. The different types of treatments include;
Topical treatments
Topical treatments are used in ointment form, this is more recommended for sensitive areas such as face, wide spread patches and skin folds. When patches are on tougher skin doctors will prescribe a stronger corticosteroid prescription; these are used for short term flare ups. Some specific corticosteroids that doctors use are;
Vitamin D analogues- This type of medication is a synthetic form of vitamin D which slows the skin growth. This type treat moderate to mild psoriasis with aids with additional treatments.
Anthralin- This type of medication aids is reducing production of skin growth, and allows skin to be smoother by eliminating dry scales off the surface. This perscription is usually applied for a short period of time then washed off.
Topical retinoids- This type of medication is a vitamin A derivative that can decrease the inflammation of the sit of irritation, this type of medication can cause more sensitivity to …show more content…

This treatmwnt is introduced two to three times a week until the irritated skin has improved, this may be required to continue for a few weeks. The side effects of this type of treatment is more lasting and severe burns.
Psoralen plus ultraviolet A (PUVA)- This type of treatment is a form of photochemotherapy which is recommended taking psoralen before the exposure of UVA light. UVA light penetrates deeper into the skin than UVB light; psoralen is a type of medication that allows the skin to be more responsive to the exposure and treatment.
Some medications can be injected or taken orally, this is also known as systemic treatment, these types of medication is only used for short periods due to severe side effects. Some medications include;
Retinoids- This type of medication is close to vitamin A, it helps aid with treatment if nothing works and psoriasis is too severe. Side effects include birth defects in pregnanct woman, lip inflammation and hair loss.
Methotrexate- This type of medication is taken orally, this decreases skin cell production and suppresses inflammation. The benefit of this treatment it may slow down the process of psoriatic arthritis. The side effects of this treatment include upset stomach, fatigue and loss of

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