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Human Growth and Development Name: Institution Affiliation: Human Growth and Development Introduction According to Jean Piaget’s theory of Cognitive Development children’s cognitive development formal operations is established at the cognitive development stage of about age 12 to 15 years. This is reflected in the child’s ability to reason adolescence hypothetically and independently on concrete states of affairs, with the structures represented by the logical combination systems. The rates at which children will progress through the development succession developed by Piaget may vary from one culture to the other; in addition, different children vary in terms of the areas of functioning to which they do apply their …show more content…

At this point Ponyboy does not understand why Darrel shouts at him, causing a misunderstanding between the brothers portraying Ponyboy’s egocentrism. He regards Darrel with his own way of thinking, failing to understand him from Darrel point of view. Darrel sacrifices everything to see to it that Ponyboy is successful in life, and believes Ponyboy will never fail to live up to his expectations, however, all these is beyond Ponyboy’s understanding (Ford, 1983). According Shi (2014), Ponyboy’s egocentrism seem to be cast off when the brothers are reunited in the hospital. Ponyboy sees Darrel crying with tears rolling downs his chicks, and he realizes all over sadden that Darrel does care about him as he is trying too hard to make something of his younger brother Ponyboy. It is at this point that Ponyboy accomplishes the task of de-egocentricity through the realization of the importance of understanding others. During this transformation, Ponyboy undergoes a great deal of frustration, by which he realizes the significance of understanding others. With the casting off of his bias against his brother, he manages to distinguish his thinking on his own thoughts, from the thinking about the thoughts of his brother in the process comprehending his brother’s viewpoint. Ponyboy’s egocentrism gives rise to the breakdown of Soda his second brother in the film. Ponyboy might have loved Soda more than anybody else in their family; however, he

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