Psych 420 : Adventures Of Car Sales Essay

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Psych 420: Adventures in Car Sales
Bad greetings a car salesman will always use are, "Can I help you?" or "Can I get someone for you?" or the ever-popular, "Can I help you or get someone for you?". Now a good greeting they tend to use are "Welcome to Pizza Mazda of Reading. I 'm Ed and you are...?". To prove this concept, I did my own digging and discovered some interesting things about car salespeople. Whether we do or don’t trust them they are trying to make a living as they best see fit. However, what we cannot ignore are the tricks these good-looking people use on us.
Recently I had an experience looking for a car. The first dealership I decided to go to was Savage 61 Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram located in Reading, Pennsylvania. I had heard of this location on the radio that I frequently liked to listen. However, something drew my attention one afternoon. It was the prompting discount that said, “Come down to Savage 61 Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in located Reading and let them know that DJ Chamo King on Rumba 92.3FM sent you to get a discount on your future car purchase”. This constant reminder on the radio attracted me to the dealership. As the day came to go to the dealership I solicited the help of my boyfriend who was skilled in all things car.
I am not a rude person and I can come across as rather soft and indecisive at times due to my wanting to perform cost-benefit analyses on major decisions. I like to weigh options; in a sales setting, I might look like an easy target

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