Psychodynamic And Humanistic Theories Of Psychology

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Psychodynamic and Humanistic Personality Theories
The study of the human mind is an interesting topic to discuss about, we have many theorists that have come up with many different ideas or theories, in how to evaluate the mind of humans, two main ways to study the mind in psychology are psychodynamic approach and humanistic approach. Even though these theories are to evaluate human minds they have different views in how the mind works. In psychodynamic approach, the way the mind is viewed is that our behaviors and feelings are from deep unconscious thoughts that lead to aggression and sexuality problems. On the other hand, humanistic therapist has a different perspective of how the mind is viewed. The humanistic approach is studying a
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The ego is that personality that is shown to the real world and is also the mediator between the Id and the superego. Finally, the superego is built by the morality and belief of society for example growing up with parents and caregivers are the main source to mold the superego in individuals. To be psychologically healthy, we must successfully complete each stage. (McLeod, S, 2013). Most of the psychosexual stages are molded during childhood. Freud believed that not having a balance between the superego, ego and Id could emerged to have an imbalanced personality. Freud not only composed a theory, he also did a therapy to help individuals with mental issues. During therapy sessions, the patient or individual have permission to say what comes into their mind this approach is defined as free association. In the session is expected repressed memories to emerge from the patient. Freud reported that his free associating patients occasionally experienced such an emotionally intense and vivid memory that they almost relived the experience. (McLeod, S. 2007). After the vivid memory in the session the individual feels relieved and depending per individual the number of session given are from two to five sessions per week for a few months or even years.
Rogers Humanistic Approach Summary
On the other hand, humanistic approach is another theory of psychology. Carl Roger was a humanistic theorist and created a personality theory between 1902 and 1987. Roger’s believed that every
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