Psychological Disorders And Its Effects On Society

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Psychological Disorder Psychological disorders are something serious, even though people do not pay attention or want to believe they have one. Even those close to someone can have a disorder for example, a friend or a family member. A friend of mine that goes by the name of Renee Matamba had anorexia. She never wanted to admit it though, or get any serious type of treatment. She honestly thought she was fine and everyone just wanted to see her fat and ugly. People need to realize that when they are going through something to always ask for help. Renee was a very stubborn person, and did not accept help easily. A portion of people have a psychological disorder in the world, but many might not know about the different types, the effects of it, how it is determined, the different treatments, the effect on celebrities, and the effect on military people. One can never know what effects the body now a days. There are so many disorders and diseases that will cause effects on the body and mind as well. There are some disorders that people had no idea existed or even heard of. Someone can have a disorder or multiple and not even realize it or does not want to admit to it, but not all disorders are considered the same or in same category, there are varying types. Some of most common kinds are anxiety, mood, psychotic, eating, addiction, and personality disorders. In old times people did not pay attention to such disorders because they did not have the understandings and studies
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