Psychological Factors : The Psychological Causes Of Suicide

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Suicide is a very serious issue. A person who commits suicide must be doing so under extreme pressure and in very complicated circumstances. It is clear that there is no single factor or cause responsible for suicide, but there is a course of such factors. We will discuss the factors as under:
7.1 Psychological Causes: The psychological play a vital role in causing suicide. In the majority of personal committing suicide are related to mentally disturbed or mentally imbalanced. The chief factors leading to suicide can be classified as follows:
• Abnormal feeling: There are certain feeling sand emotions which are universally present but in acute and abnormal form. These kinds of feelings produce upsetting and unsetting effect upon man. Exp. Frustration, guilt, violence, anxiety and inferiority feelings can assume such dimensions that man loss his sanity.
• Mentally ill: mental ill is an important factor in suicide. The mental illness and abnormalities are resultant the loss of emotional equilibrium and frustration in life. The chief mental abnormalities are schizophrenia, melancholia, depressive mania and acute paranoia etc.
• Peculiarities of personalities: the personality structure of an individual reveals that those individuals commit suicide are introverts and serious whereas extrovert persons are very social. They have so many friends and shred their feelings with them. The introvert persons are in the habit of feeling deeply and internalized

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