Psychological Research : Pros, Cons And Challenges

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In the fields of research, psychological research poses a number of challenges due to the subjective nature of assessing and measuring emotional states and the development of personalities and disorders. Many biological and environmental factors contribute to a person’s unique psychological functioning. Although similarities can usually be drawn, a single experience can affect a varying number of people in different ways. This paper will focus on two particular methods of research and identify the pros and cons of both.
First, let’s discuss the retrospective research method. As the name suggests, this method utilizes information obtained from a person’s recollection of past events, interviews with familiar people and from records attained from places like schools and hospitals. In essence, this research design aims to identify what a person was like before their maladies developed in hopes of answering the when, where and how in regard to the onset and progression of their symptoms. For example, a medical professional immediately begins to ask questions when examining an ill patient. The onset and progression of symptoms, along with the physical exam, can help determine what type of illness the patient is experiencing. A sore throat that began two days prior verses one that began two weeks prior will likely lead to a different conclusion. Similarly, psychological symptoms that develop after a tragic event and those that develop without an apparent cause will lead a

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