Psychology, Nature Vs. Nurture

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Nightly on the news, you see stories about multiple instances of violence: killings, shootings, murders and such. In the school settings, kids get bullied on the playground or even in the classroom. All of these are forms of aggression, but does anyone stop and think why we are that way? The answer is found in the classic debate in Psychology, Nature vs. Nurture. Aggression is caused by learned behavior, not through genetics. There are two sides of this debate, Nature and Nurture. Nature refers to something that you’re born with and are not able to change. People that follow this are called Nativists. They believe that the traits that you have are passed down through genetics. Nurture means that your personality traits are based on your environment. For example, the conditions under which you were raised. Another factor can be your interactions with people and experiences that happened in childhood. The people that support this idea are called Empiricists (Butler). I side with the Empiricists, that you are able to become a certain way because of your environment. The idea of aggression within Nature vs. Nurture was first tested in an experiment, The Bobo Doll Experiment. There have been multiple studies that test the concept of Nature vs. Nurture. In the Bobo Doll Experiment done in 1961 by Albert Bandura, he wanted to study if aggression is able to be acquired through observation. After the study, he found out that his hypothesis was right, that aggression can be learned
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