Psychology, Perception Easy For The People

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Daniel Kahneman’s aim in this book is to make psychology, perception easy for the people to grasp. This book is mainly discussing the issues related to the assumptions, we human’s make without thinking through carefully. Daniel really does a great job discussing the problems due to human irrationality. The first portion of the book is dedicated for an example. The example starts off by labeling the two parts of the brain as “System 1” and “System 2”. System 1 is set as the “intuition part”, which acts instantaneously, requires less or no effort at all. It operates automatically and is without logic. System 1 focuses only on one side and cannot see the other side, tries to reach a conclusion as quick as possible. On the other hand, System 2 is cautious, rational but lazy. It takes it’s time but involves logic unlike System 1. This example shows the two kinds of people in this world. After numerous experiments and effort, Kahneman states that how easily humans are able to overlook the machinery within the brain. The simple reason behind this problem is that the brain is a pattern seeker by nature, and because of this reason, we humans are not able to think statistically. The most interesting part of the book was taming intuition. Kahneman says that betting on intuition always is not a good idea. Intuition takes cues from previous experiences, so it would be a better choice for system 2 to take the charge. There is no particular percentage of people who will be affected

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