Psychometric Test from the U.S. Department of Labor

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Psychometric test is a systematic test used to collect information about abilities, personality and intelligence from individuals (U.S. Department of Labor, 2000). Psychometric test are being used worldwide in order to select appropriate candidate for a post, as it is critical to construct a talented and committed workforce, so as to increase the overall performance of the company (United States Office of Personnel Management, 2007). Surveys indicated that 30% of American companies (Heller, 2005) together with all the top companies in Great Britain (Faulder, 2005) used personality test to screen job applicants. This essay is going to focus on evaluating the use of personality tests in the assessment of work-related behaviours and potentials. Furnham and Jackson (2010) examined specialist views about work-related psychological test, including the personality test. 225 participants mostly involved of human resource professionals completed a 64 items questionnaires rated on a 8 points Likert-scale. Results shown that these professionals are confident with these tests and agreed that these tests are good at foreseeing an individual’s work performance. Moreover it is easy to administer and evaluate as it is objective and scientifically based, thus it allows inappropriate candidate to be filter out. Though, it is also denoted that professionals were doubtful of the validity of these test and which test is most suitable. This study indicated that personality test as a form of

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