Personality Type Assessment

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Personality Type Assessment (Week-2 Individual Assignment) CMGT/530 - IT Organizational Behavior July 1, 2012 Personality Type Assessment The first section of this paper details the elements that a personality type assessment typically measures. The second section contains discussion on the personality type assessment of the author of this paper. In the third and last section, the author shares how his personal assessment outcomes could affect his work relationships with his colleagues. Elements of Personality Type Assessment A personality profile assessment is typically an objective test where an individual gives yes or no responses to a series of systematic and deeply constructed behavioral…show more content…
The writer found himself taking the assessment test few more times to confirm the derived results. According to personality inventory of MBTI and the Myers and Briggs Foundation (n.d.), the individuals with personality type of ISFP have tendency to seek a peaceful, easygoing life with a "live and let live" philosophy. They tend to enjoy life as it comes and define their own pace. They tend to be quiet, caring, considerate, and have a pleasant demeanor. They tend to be very devoted to their family and friends, and have a strong set of values that they cherish. They tend to dislike conflicts, disagreements, and imposing of their opinions on others (Myers and Briggs Foundation, n.d. a). After looking at the results, the writer understood some of his own tendencies and consoled himself that he did not have to good at everything. He opined that the knowledge of these personality types can help in developing a deeper understanding of people around him. Also while taking the assessment, for some of the questions the writer was forced to choose yes or no when he believed the answer was neither, and there were no in-between options to choose from. So the writer agrees with Robbins & Judge (2011) that the problem with these assessment tests is that they force a
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