Ptsd Case Studies

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One of my patients, Jamelle Huston, had a session with me this past Monday. As the session started, I noticed her heightened anxiety response and overwhelming feeling of frustration and sadness. I actually had to do a combination of grounding and relaxation technique with her since her cognition and behavior really concerned me. She expressed ongoing frustration from being treated unfairly and unprofessionally by staff at New Phases, specifically by the director and her counselor. There have been several more incidents that have occurred;
1. After filing grievance against the director’s decision to not take pt for paying electrical bill, pt believes that the director continue to retaliate as evidence by pt’s difficulty in talking to the director …show more content…

Since pt’s family member, a cousin, is also working at the facility, pt has suspected that there have been “rumors” spread by cousin to other staff about pt’s behavior. Pt has recently informed by one of the family members about various accusation occurred at New Phases in regard to pt’s behavior. Pt has become very confused and overwhelmed by this.

I want to reiterate that pt’s diagnosis is PTSD and has a history of being diagnosed with Delusion disorder. Pt was open to my teaching that conflict in works, school, or other professional settings may lead to general suspicion of the intention of other people’s behavior.
In the past, I planned to speak to the director directly. However, due to illness and death in the family, I have not been able to follow up. I am planning to refer pt to Harbor City.
Unfortunately, I have another pt who complained about lack of productive and meaningful activities at New Phases. She believes that she doesn’t receive full support and direction in getting GED. So, I helped her in finding GED program. Thankfully, she was able to take the replacement test at Community Works last week. This particular pt made a comment how it took her almost couple of months to get the information from the counselor at New

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