Public Breastfeeding Research Paper

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Public Breastfeeding; What’s The Issue?
What makes a great mother so great? To be more specific what characteristics qualify a mother to be the best she can be to her child as they develop throughout their lifespan. Does a mother’s actions reflect the outcome of her child? Are the actions taken by the mother primarily from infancy reflect how the child will develop into adulthood? These are just some of the questions many mothers have when they find out they are expecting. However, many are misinformed when it comes to taking care of their infant after birth. One thing is for certain though, a infant needs nutrients in order to develop. The way these nutrients are given vary by the mother's choice. How these mother’s accomplish the task of
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Long throughout history breastfeeding has been a natural process that has occurred through the interaction between mother and infant.To get a basic understanding of what breastfeeding means in context terms, the article produced by Gale describes,“Breastfeeding [as] the practice of feeding a child with milk from a woman’s breast” (Breastfeeding). Breastfeeding can be seen first hand as soon as the baby starts crying coming out of the whom. That is the first signal from the baby to tell the mother that, he/she needs her help. Despite the fact that a first time mother doesn’t know exactly how to breastfeed, without any lactation classes taken beforehand, the body of a woman is ready to perform at any given moment at that…show more content…
Anywhere where there are public eyes watching. One reason why many feel as though public breastfeeding is a crime is due to the portrayal of breasts today. Today, breasts are deemed as sexual objects of arousal to others when that is not the essence of their purpose. Breasts, thanks to social media and embedded beliefs implemented from very young have made men and women see breasts as sexual objects. Although this is only one distinctive feature of the body, it is not the only part that can be seen as sexualized. Other various parts of the body can be sexual if people deem it to be so(10:32-11:29). Even so, many focus on the distinctive genitalia that each sex has. With these beliefs embedded into western society it is no wonder why many women who are able to breastfeed question whether they should or not. When it comes to this issue, breastfeeding isn’t being seen in the positive light like it was put in before, it is being seen as something uncomfortable to the public eye (11:15-12:30). Mothers are being shamed for breastfeeding in public but when it comes to exposing one’s body sexually, specifically for the extent of entertainment, nudity is deemed acceptable into society. It is not the woman's fault for taking care of her child out in public. For example, if there are many people in a crowded restaurant and a baby is crying, should a mother just let her child cry
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