Breastfeeding Vs Bottle Feeding Research Paper

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Ashley Poston
Mrs. French
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Breastfeeding and Bottle Feeding
Bottle feeding and Breastfeeding is a decision that all mothers make. Bottle feeding is a formula that is mixed with water and a powder cereal that a baby drinks. Breastfeeding is actually using the milk from ones breasts in order to feed the baby. Nutrients, a close mother and daughter/son relationship, and the cost are similar in different ways. Although, bottle feeding and breastfeeding have similarities, breastfeeding is better than bottle feeding because of health, flexibility, and cost.
Being healthy is important especially when it comes to bottle feeding and breastfeeding. Making sure that the baby is healthy is a mother’s first concern. Breastfeeding is …show more content…

When it comes to bottle feeding, it is not very healthy for young babies. Babies who are bottle fed at a young tend to not get the nutrients they need. Bottle feeding tends to cause obesity and for a baby, that is not healthy. Elisabeth Sterken mentions in her article Risk of Formula Feeding, that:
“When breastfeeding is not exclusively practiced, infant formulas are generally used. The World Health Organization International Code of Marketing of Breast-Milk that parents be fully informed about the health hazards of unnecessary or improper use of infant formula”(2).
This quote helps explain to mothers of all ages that bottle feeding is not healthy for young babies. Due to the lack of nutrients bottle feeding give to babies, it is not a good choice for mothers, nor the babies.
Having a baby and being flexible is really important when it comes to bottle feeding and breastfeeding. Bottle feeding makes this a little harder because of heating to the bottle, measuring, and sometimes trying to find a bottle. Breastfeeding make this a little easier because if you pump milk the night before, you can have up to three bottles for in the refrigerator. Sometimes if you do not have any milk in a bottle, one can also just let the baby breastfeed by sucking on the nipple. Serena Meyer and Ryan Teglene explain in their article …show more content…

Breastfeeding is cheap even though one may by a pump. Bottle feeding on the other hand, can really cost a lot of money. Trent Hamm states in his article “How Much Money Does Breastfeeding Really Save?” by stating, “It can save significant money.” This quotes helps explain why breastfeeding is cheaper because one does not spend really any money. Breastfeeding is practically free when it comes down to it. Being able to just feed the baby without buying so many cans of formula and cereal can help with finances too. Instead of spending one hundred dollars a week on formula, the mother can just stay home and let the baby breastfeed with no

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