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Breastfeeding in Public

For thousands of years, breastfeeding has been the main source that women have had to feed their babies. In today’s society, however, breastfeeding has become a controversial issue due to the increased sexualization of the female body, especially women’s breasts. This same society has failed to consider the benefits that breastfeeding mothers offer to society and, most importantly, the benefits breastfeeding offers to children. It is important to consider and remember that breastfeeding is natural and nursing mothers should be free to nurse everywhere because it is their legal right, it is the first source of nutrition for their children, it eliminates excess waste in the environment, and it benefits society.
According to The Equal Opportunity Act and the US Department of Labor, a mother should be able to breastfeed her child in public and in her place of work. Even when it is a protected right, public perception varies on the delicate issue of whether or not a nursing mother should meet the necessities of her child in a public place. If babies have the right to eat and people do not complain or judge when a baby is being bottle-fed in public, then mothers who choose to breast feed should have the same right. Many people are not well informed of the all the benefits that breastfeeding offers the child, mother, and, even the public.
The American Academy of Pediatrics in New Mother 's Guide to Breastfeeding, 2nd Edition states, “Breastfeeding

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