The Importance Of Breastfeeding In Public

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In the last few years, mothers breastfeeding in public areas has been a controversial issue. Breastfeeding mothers have received the stigma of society for showing their breasts while nursing. For some people, the breast is seen as something sexual, repugnant, and even offensive. Breastfeeding mothers should not be made to feel guilty, disgust or ashamed for nursing in public. Women should be allowed to breastfeed in public because it is the healthiest option for the infant, the most economical way to feed, and it is a natural process.
The nutrients found in a mother’s breastmilk help the infant to grow healthier, as well as protecting it against some infections. This is one of the reasons that mothers know nursing their infants is best for them. However, even if it is the best for the infant, nursing mothers are still criticized for breastfeeding outside the privacy of their homes. From an early age, a woman has always been taught to cover every part of her body. Therefore, an exposed breast in public is often considered provocative or inappropriate even when used to breastfeed, although that is the breast’s function. Other objections to breastfeeding in public may be a reaction against perceived pressure on mothers to breastfeed at all costs.
According to an editorial by Ysenda Graham in The Spectator, reports that a trained nurse and midwife believes that if an infant is crying and everything is going wrong, the only way to calm him down is to give him a bottle. The nurse

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